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KKCA Employment Opportunities

KKCA is a school on a BIG mission! We seek to be the example and exception to traditional early childhood education models. A KKCA faculty member is an out-of-the-box thinker, problem solver, creative, understanding, patient, gentle, open-minded, full of grace and encouragement, persistent, consistent, team-driven, goal-driven and forward-thinking with a priority of creating and leaving a lasting legacy of love in the lives of those they encounter. Our faculty view students as unique individuals created with great intentional design and for a great purpose. It's our job as their educator to discover, encourage and continually challenge each child based upon their skills, abilities and how they learn best. We are seeking faculty members who can be a positive difference-maker to our future's greatest asset...our children.


***Update 4/3/2023***  Current Employment Opportunities:

1). Food Services Coordinator:

Full-Time Monday-Friday: 700am-400pm

Salary: DOEE

Position Reports: July 17th 2023


This position is for a full-time Food Services Coordinator with experience managing all nutritional, financial, record-keeping, planning and stocking as required by the CACFP Food Program.  Coordinator will serve plan menus, prepare/cook school meals, maintain records, service as lunch relief for teachers on staff, oversee the cleanliness and safety of the kitchen, maintain food and supplies inventory, serve as point-of-contact for CACFP audits/visits and submission of all monthly paperwork as required by CACFP. 


KKCA offers a competitive salary and benefits package for well qualified candidates. Benefits include: 401K Plan, Group Life Insurance Policy, Paid personal leave/holidays, Paid CPR/First Aid training, Paid first-year of employment training


2).  Part-Time Closing Teacher: 

Part-Time Monday-Friday: 3:45pm-6:00pm

Salary: DOEE

Position Reports: June 5th, 2023


Responsible for the supervision and safety of assigned classroom students, tend to students hygiene, record keeping, positive parent/co-worker communication, conduct closing cleaning duties of classroom as assigned.  Must be reliable and a team-player.

3).  (2) Part-Time Lunch Relief Teacher's:

Part-Time Monday-Friday: 12pm-2pm

Salary: DOEE

Position Reports: August 14th, 2023

Responsible for the supervision and safety of assigned classroom students and student hygiene while primary teacher is on lunch break and/or planning period.  Must be reliable and a team-player.

Completed employment applications must contain the following:

-Cover letter.

-Completed employment application.

-Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your professional conduct and character in a classroom setting.

-Copies of certifications and/or degree awarded as it pertains to the position you are applying for.

-Sample weekly lesson plan specific to classroom you are applying for.


1). Via Postal Service: 1340 N Eastern Ave. Moore, OK 73160 Attn: Administration


2). Email:


3). Fax: (405) 237-3794 Attn: Administration


4). Hand-carried Submission: 1340 N. Eastern Ave. Moore, OK 73160

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