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Our Junior Pre-K program offers a more structured but developmentally appropriate academic atmosphere. Science, art, math, music, and movement are all a part of the children's days. Children learn how to work together in the classroom, work on activities with one another, and also have time for free play often throughout the day. We focus on fine motor skills, literacy, and social skills. We teach the children about the excitement that comes with learning new things and keep interest centers fun and engaging throughout the year.

Discovery-Based Learning

 ​KKCA K3 (Jr. Pre-K) Classroom

 For children ages 3 years-4 years of age

In our Jr. Pre-K class we expand on the early academics and social skills we learned from our Two's class and begin to introduce our students to more challenging fine-motor activities to help with their transition to our academic Pre-K classroom. They'll learn scissor skills, proper use of writing and art materials! We still have messy and play-based learning opportunities because at the age of three we're very curious about applying our skills to manipulate our environment as well as emulate our experiences from our environments at home, school and within our community.  

Introductory Academics

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