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Our Beliefs

Religious Beliefs:

Students are introduced to the Christian faith through modeling and demonstrating acts of kindness, grace, love and acceptance. At its core, Jesus entered this world as the one true demonstration of love for all of humankind. He exemplified what it meant to have a heart of forgiveness, acceptance, love, grace and for serving others. We believe that this is what our world needs more of and we seek to place more of this in our communities.

Educational Beliefs:

KKCA is rooted in biblical principles and believes in providing an educational experience to young children that focuses on scripture, academics and social awareness as well as community outreach. We believe that by instilling such strong values in young students we create students with not only a passion for learning but a strong sense of self and community..

We believe that God created every child to be individually unique and therefore should allow an academic experience that encourages individuality through the use of a variety of teaching methods as well as learning environments that cultivate healthy emotional and physical development. We believe in MESSY PLAY! The more our young children are exposed to opportunities to discover the world around them by utilizing their five senses, the healthier they grow and develop! In whole, God did not create us as carbon copies of each other which implies the processes in which we learn.

Our Goal:

To assist our parents with the healthy development of their young child in a nurturing and emotionally supportive environment that encourages a child's self-esteem and confidence to problem solve and pursue further academic challenges.

Hours of Operation:


Monday-Friday: Year-Round

Preparatory Pre-K Program:

Full Day Academic Experience

Attendance taken at 8:30am; Pre-K dismisses at 3:30pm. Hours before and after are available without extra cost.

Daycare Program Hours of Operation:

6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Monday-Friday: Year Round


KKCA utilizes several nationally recognized curricula such as:

Bob Jones University Press

Zoo Phonics

Handwriting Without Tears

Mother Goose Time

Our faculty has over 30 years of combined classroom instruction and/or administrative experience in a variety of academic environments. 

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