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Kindergarten Readiness

 ​KKCA Pre-K Classroom

 For children turning four by September 1st

Our graduating Pre-K students complete their school year not only ready for academic success but are also some of the most confident and caring students that their future Kindergarten classroom will have. Our Pre-K students focus on early handwriting skills, mastering their alphabet and number recognition, full phonemic and letter blends, counting, grouping, early arithmetic, sight-words, introduction to natural science with scientific exploration and concepts, music, project and process based art, community relations, emotional intelligence, safe use of technology and still lots of messy play! We celebrate our Pre-K students journey and success at the end of every school year with a full Pre-K Graduation Program and Field Trip.  


Our Pre-K Program is uniquely set apart. Our school year starts in August and is designed to promote a range of language development, cognitive skills, social emotional development, and school readiness. We also incorporate play throughout the day. Creativity is encouraged through open ended activities, hands on experiments and group share time. Children are observed on academic subjects throughout the year. 

Whole Child Development

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